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7 years ago#1

Whats the best way for me to kill the blue dragon, im a knight so try not to suggest magic strategy. Im just gonna be waiting for biorr to die when i load up so i can loot him after the fact. But looking for strategies to kill it. I have about 250 arrows figured if i could run past it i could just unload. The only magic projectile i got is soul arrow.

7 years ago#2
Do you have Magic Sword Mokoto, Clever rat ring and Morions blade?
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7 years ago#3
Soul arrow or White Bow both work. You should equip items that strengthen your magic, like the insanity catalyst, etc. I would bring a LOT of arrows... imagine being almost there and running out!

You can start doing damage when the dragon is breathing fire on the first bridge. Just stay there, lock on his head, and time your magic/arrows so that it hits him. He is weak to magic and has around 6000 hp, and you are going to do between 30 and 130 damage depending on your level... so it will take a while.

After you hit him enough times he will fly away, and go to the Biorr area, you can position yourself right under him and continue to slowly kill him.

It`s always a good idea to invite some Blue Phantoms to speed things up!
7 years ago#4
yeah i think i have a little under 300 arrows, id go get more but i dont want biorr to disapear as i need him to die for his armor etc, also can i hit the dragon with arrows from a safe distance in the second spot, without running past the flames? or will it be easier if i do?
7 years ago#5

Kazamara posted...
Do you have Magic Sword Mokoto, Clever rat ring and Morions blade?
PSN: Kazamara

by the way no, because i didnt want to go to this level as early as i am im at like soul level 56 or something but i wanted biorr to die for his armor instead of me having to kill him so im at the second spot now, and am hoping i can take this dragon out now while im here

7 years ago#6
No you have to run past the flames to get a good angle. It is not so hard to time it.
7 years ago#7
u can stand all the way to the back and time ur arrow attacks.. dragon head movement is the same and repetitive.. anyway u should have got a white bow if u kill the 3 black phantoms. one of them drop a white bow.. if not u can exlore the initial 4-1 area there is one compound long bow too near a archer skeleton. upgrade to viscious compound low bow... if u have spare souls can get the second best arrows- heavy arrows from Patches, the Hyena.. get around 200 should be more than enuff.. try to hit the head.. got problems still play as human summon strong blue phantoms they should help u too..
7 years ago#8
I have an ability shortage with the white bow so i dont think its my best option. Im in 1-4 earlier then i should be unfortunately, however ive got to the second dragon meeting without dying, its just a matter of killing it. Is there a spot there i could summon blue phantoms if i turn human? only thing i dont want is to be invaded.

Also is the fire directed at biorr like can i just run by safely?
7 years ago#9
In terms of what i have, is just under 300 regular arrows and probably like 20 heavy arrows, i have a short compound bow +3 on me and a white bow but i have ability shortage on it and i have some spice if i need to shoot soul arrow.
7 years ago#10
On the second encounter where Biorr is, stand on the right roughly 6 steps from the top of the second flight of stairs. Watch the dragon flame. He will fire it to your left, then to your right. Right after his right side flame, sprint through into the building keeping right. From there, you just need to lock-on and fire arrows or magic at his head till his down.
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