Wheres best place for armor?

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7 years ago#1
Okay so i just beat the 1-2 boss and im about to move on to 1-3, as of now i have a Plate Helmet i bought from a vendor in 1-2, and my armor gauntlets and leggings are all the ones i started with (wizards)

I'm rocking a Scimatar +4 that i found and a spiked shield +3. I'm looking to upgrade my armor but i dont see anyone in the nexus that sells armor. Do i have to go back to the guy i bought the plate helmet from to upgrade? or is there a better vendor somewhere else?
7 years ago#2
your world 1 tendency must be white pure already, so you can go to where Miralda is and get the brushwood armour set, but you gotta level up a bit your load\equip stats so you could carry and roll fast
7 years ago#3
You're going to need to find different pieces, use the wiki and it can help you find a lot of stuff.

Remember though, that bigger does not always mean better. Better armor is always heavier, so that makes it harder to roll and makes you slower. I am a knight, and I switched my chest and arm pieces for the magician pieces so I could run and roll properly.
7 years ago#4
who is miralda?
7 years ago#5

I am a knight and have had no trouble with wearing heavy armor and not being able to dodge. I have completed 1-1&2, all of world 2, and 4-1. I am primarily melee with my only spell being soul arrow and magic stats at there starting values.

7 years ago#6
where can i find miralda?
7 years ago#7
remember where you met your very very first enemy? right after archstone 1-1 to the left.
behind that enemy you will see stes leading a bit down and if your tendency is pure white or pure black the door there would be open, just proceed and you'll meet couple of black phantoms, a crystal gecko, then again couple of black phantoms and in the end there will be Miralda, she is hiding behind the corner, ready to ambush you :) I fyou kill her body form though-your world tendency will return to neutral, so you can just avoid or run from her
7 years ago#8
oh so i have to be done with the first world in order to get it. Cause i haven't finished 1-3 yet
7 years ago#9
and do you mean the gate thats behind the archstone, cause you start on a bridge in 1-1 and there is nothing directly to the left
7 years ago#10
its almost exactly to your left, you just have to go forward a little bit.. one of your first two enemies comes from the left, its behind him.

And it requires either pure white or pure black world T. You can get pure white easily if youve been playing in soul form, and if not, pure black is even easier to obtain.

HOWEVER!!! Beware, because for a newer player, the executioner isnt a joke.

I will go ahead and say, that brushwood is a really heavy armor set. You need to be able to roll well, and when i say need, i mean that should be one of the things you focus on. Being highly mobile is a lot more important than being decked out in heavy armor, atleast in the long run
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