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7 years ago#1
anyone have good experience with this? i screwed up my other char which i wanted to make a mag type user but i f'ed that one up so i was planning to look at faith type since wrath of god was easier to use (at least for me) than firestorm. any opinions would be appreciated.
7 years ago#2
even as a mage type character your gonna want some faith eventually even if it's just enough to use this sword when your opponent decides to throw up an anti magic field vs you.
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7 years ago#3
im not planning on continuing with my mage, i f'ed up on that big time and im planning to start fresh while its early, thanks for the tip tho
7 years ago#4
crescent weapons and Rydell's pole would be much better weapons for a mage than large sword of moonlight would be.
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7 years ago#5
i tolds yah, im not going for my mage anymore, im planning to try a faith build and if that fails, dex build
7 years ago#6
Its not that great truthfully. As a mage you can use your cresent weapons to do great magic damage vs anti magic field and it will also regenerate MP. You can live life just fine with only 10 points in faith so you can use evacuate.

The Sword of Moonlight is great for the exact opposite build (via priest)...but is still dwarfed by blessed weapons vs anti magic field because it provides the same effect with magic damage (from faith stat) but it regenerates your hp instead. SoM is good when you need to bypass a shield and you've put all your stats into faith.
7 years ago#7
ok, so lets say im planning to max out faith for like crazy awesome damage on wrath of god would it be useful then? anyone with experience on this sword can help me? im starting to lean over to a meat cleaver build and i really, REALLY dont want to.
7 years ago#8

dragoneye9171 posted...
i tolds yah, im not going for my mage anymore, im planning to try a faith build and if that fails, dex build

I've done the same exact thing and take my advise on your faith build: A mage build will use MP, magic and spices to kill.He/she won't need to put a lot of points into str and dex sincecresent weapons do a heap of damage while regening your mp. You get to keep your distance, do tons of damage and are mostly self sufficient.

Faith builds require you to use blessed weapons (somewhat difficult to make than most weapons) or special weapons that deep within most levels. Your spells support you with melee. You won't be able to spam Rage of God on every you will need to even your stats with MP, Faith, Dex or Str for your weapon, Stamina and Vit. It requires you to make a much more balanced build than the mages Vit, MP, Magic. Good weapons are much more difficult to obtain and even more so to make powerful on faith alone.

Do not think you are going to grab the sword of moonlight and go to town on everything.

7 years ago#9
I have a faith build with the large sword of moonlight, and absolutely love it. Meat cleaver would do more damage, obviously, but the moonlight sword both attacks faster and ignores shields.
7 years ago#10
mine is a faith build with magic coming next, SoM is great but my moon spear+5 has greater damage and is faster at attacking. Still love it though
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