What would be a good low level PVP build?

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7 years ago#1
I'm not that all interesting in single player
so i will probably end up PVPing around level 60~80

I was wondering what are some good weapons?
any stat suggestion?

I though about northern regalia cause it has large base dmg compared to others.
how about sloM, meat cleaver, firestorm?

thanks, im pretty new at the game =o
7 years ago#2
magic dominates pvp at the low 60-70 level.
melee users just haven't earned enough pts to live/make full use of their weapons, and have decent endurance to support it. (to keep attacking or chase you)
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7 years ago#3
I've found that Crescent Falchion +4 (5 if you can get a Pure Darkmoon stone), and Dragon Longsword +5 when 2 handed deal a -lot- of damage, regardless of Soul level. I'm doing SL1 challenge and these weapons are great, I've had a couple of PVP experiences and they were no doubt higher SL then me and I tore them a new one using these weapons (Falchion can break through shields that don't block magic damage, and the Longsword can aswell I think)

Basically if you want an easy -really- good Weapon, grab one of the above, or a Blessed Mace +1 and upgrade it. They are all found during the course of teh regular game.

Sticking to a low SL means you won't get huge benefit from stat scaling weapons, so a lot of those are out. If you can get a Northern Regalia with Pure black or Pure white character tendency, then thats great too.

I would personally put Endurance to 40, then put points into Vitality. Honestly from doing my SL1 game you get to appreciate that some things aren't needed, even in PVP. The two things I miss the most as a melee are extra HP to tank some hits, and Stamina to swing and roll more.
7 years ago#4
Well, a proper caster can one hit you no matter how much Vit you put at low level. Homing Soul Arrows or Firestorm can do quit job of anyone. If those spells don't finish it up, slashes from a fast Crescent or Moon weapon will finish it.

Blessed build can be ok too. I fought a good one that used a blessed mirdar +5 using Clever Rat Ring.

Northern Regalia/Demonbrandt/Soulbrandt are good too. Enchanted Meat Cleaver and DBS +5 are possible, but I still have to find someone good with those weapons at 60 ~ 80.
7 years ago#5
he says he wants 60-70 pvp.
So you want him to have stats like:

Vit: 30
Will: 12
End: 40
Str: 9
Dex: 12
Magic: 13
Faith: 18 (for second chance)
Luck: 7


this might be pretty funny at 60-70 pvp with northern ragalia though lol. could be doable..
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7 years ago#6
o thanks, i'm gonna try one out =]
7 years ago#7
wait what weapons would go w/ that , destiny^?
7 years ago#8
magic-wise you can also do.
DEX 12
MAG 50


to go the complete opposite direction
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7 years ago#9
Northern Ragalia.

As mentioned before, you won't benefit from stat scaling most weapons the higher weapons love usually use.
Just saw Northern has a requirement.

Desired Stats
VIT 30
END 35
STR 20
DEX 14
MAG 12


N.Ragelia has no damage scaling, but with full white or black character tendecy, it has a total combined atk of 520.
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