I feel so left out choosing the Priest class

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7 years ago#1

yeah.. when I first got the game I was so excited about the different class system so I picked priest thinking its unique.. and I am doing okay but when I read on the posts and see images I noticed other characters of my level seem to have so much more health and endurence!!

I am soul level 26 so far, and becuase i didn't know what do levelup for priest until about soul level 18 I spend alll of these 12 soul levels (priest start with 6 SL) on mostly endurence just so I could actually fight creeps without getting tired so quick. I just want to know if that's okay? that I haven't ruined my priest's career path?

Anyways I am going full out on faith even though I don't really see the use of it but I am doing it anyway lol.

Also, can someone tell me whats the benefits of being priest that make it unique from other classes..? just to make me feel better? since I am really not keen to start over again

I still regret that I should've gone with temple knight.. didn't actually thought about that class until way afterward.

7 years ago#2
Investing in Endurance isn't a bad choice in any class. You may get some stats target value a little slower, but it won't make a difference in the end.

There is no uniqueness in any class, so I wouldn't worry about it in this game. The only difference is starting stats, equip, and spells. They recommend other classes because they have better optimized stats for certain builds, but in the end, it's not that much a big deal. The only thing that make your class unique is your playstyle and choice of equipment. That's it.
7 years ago#3

Endurance is awesome btw.


7 years ago#4
ah.. sweet thanks for the quick helpful reply and links.
Oh yeah, just one more thing, is dexterity important for priest? or is it one of those stats thats only required for the minimum stat to wield the weapon? thanks
7 years ago#5
If you plan to maximize Sticky Composite Longbow +5 (in this case, Dex around 30 would be the target) and/or use a Sharp +5 weapon, yeah, Dex is paramount. Otherwise, you can just get the minimum amount for the weapons you plan to use.
7 years ago#6
thats nothing. i chose magician class which is really hard. and no mp regen like the royal

but here i am now with same character soul level 143 kicking the ass of anything that gets in my way.

"Make a sandwich."
7 years ago#7
There are no "classes" just different beginning skill sets. If you want to play a "priest" like character then that could be a beginning template to get you started, but by no means do you need to fit some kind of role that you chose. They are all fairly easy to start up and play. Decide what weapons you want to use, what kind of spells if any you would want to use, and what kind of armor you would like to carry. Design your own role and go from there.
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7 years ago#8

guys.. Is the knight a good class? I started with it but he seems slow and find it hard to evade attacks... so should I continue and start with a different class..?

7 years ago#9
Again, there are no bad classes, just different sets of starting weapons and armor and stat allotments. The Knight starts with heavy armor, which means your gonna roll slower, so use your shield, attack at the right times, learn enemies attack patterns, learn how to use your weapon, etc...or just buy some lighter armor.
PSN: Shoryoken
7 years ago#10
ahhh this is so complicated!! I just dn't know how to level up my priest, i've already invested so much in faith i think i'll have to go down that road... but then theres like other stuffs to upgrade.. ahhhhhhh... i mean with dexterity i am not even exactly sure what weapon ill be using, i switch between pierce and blunt so yeah, i might end up wasting soul level on dexterity..etc etc.. lol getting paranoid..
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