Why is music playing in the Nexus?

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7 years ago#1

Why has music started to play in the Nexus??? Like church music?

7 years ago#2

Because you beat False King Allant.

Creepy isn't it :shock:

7 years ago#3
it always does it just changes/gets louder once u get far thru the game
7 years ago#4
not killed false king... he has killed me lots through :(
7 years ago#5
You beat an Arch Demon, you freed Yurt who kills everyone in Nexus, or Mephistopheles is there. Probably just that you beat an Arch Demon though. Dragon God is usually the first arch demon you beat. Others are Allant and Maiden Astrea if I'm correct.
7 years ago#6
Beating an Archdemon doesn't do it. I've beaten storm king and no new music.
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7 years ago#7

I believe it's if you've beaten 2 (or maybe 3) Archdemon's. Once you're close to the end.

7 years ago#8
Pretty sure the music changes after defeating 3 arch demons.
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7 years ago#9
I think it's beat 2 or 3 Archdemons.
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7 years ago#10
ive beaten 3, so that must be it.
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