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6 years ago#1
So i founded the armor set in 1-1, in WWTD equipped it and damn i cant run or roll, what does this armor reuqires, 10000000 of stamina or what?
6 years ago#2
and i removed alot of stuff.
6 years ago#3
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6 years ago#4
Oooh, 10 seconds too late :O You can tell how much stamina it requires by checking in your inventory with it equipped.
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6 years ago#5
i h8ed that set never used it even on flame lurker i used the dark silver on NG+ had mg resistance and i managed to get fast roll :D
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6 years ago#6
I actually used it for a very long time. Very useful for Flamelurker if you are used to doing the weak roll and fighting without lockon. On my first playthrough I found him rather easy, and then I lost the skill to do the "fatty" dodge perfectly and had to use some tricks to kill him.
6 years ago#7
so what exactly you need to wear armor and being able to run and roll?
6 years ago#8
Check your equip burden. If it is over half-full, you will roll like a silly sausage.
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(message deleted)
6 years ago#10
Brushwood is awesome fun in NG with a Regenerator build (Adj. Shd +5, Blessed wep +5 and Regen Ring). Most non-boss enemies can't kill you, and even the dangerous ones need multiple hits in succession to do it.

By NG+ though, don't bother. Stay under 50% equip burden to maintain fast rolls.
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