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Europe is just now getting this released? (Archived)ResidentialEvil45/2 9:12AM
Leaderboards topic: Wifi Shutdown Edition. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ]
Pyro76673/19 11:21AM
Where Can I Find This Game For Cheap? (Archived)videogamer103032/11 6:39AM
I think I found a bug... (Archived)TLeHn15/19/2014
Please tell me I'm not the only one still playing this game? (Archived)Pyro7634/30/2014
Co-op is an Extreme Missed Opportunity (Archived)ManoutofTime91313/23/2014
Kachi's weapon. (Archived)HuracanPolimar211/17/2013
Does anyone else feel that Sin and Punishment 1 has horrible controls? (Archived)HakuMan111386211/3/2013
Are Special Medals recorded anywhere once you earn them? (Archived)Darm777210/11/2013
So, Treasure is currently developing Gaist Crusher on 3DS (Archived)PedroMontana39/25/2013
I will be the first... (Archived)DeliFlatChest37/16/2013
So, does anyone know what Treasure is developing right now? (Archived)PedroMontana16/30/2013
Stage 6, baby Keeper has your partner on a crane. What do I do? (Archived)Jenna Tonta11/17/2013
The guide here is trash. (Archived)MalfuntcionJUNCITOM212/1/2012
Tag Team element in this game? (Archived)NeoFalconHavok28/18/2012
So I just finished it (Archived)XeonGQ38/3/2012
I'm glad they offered multiple control options. (Archived)BlueFlameBat57/9/2012
On sale for 5 bucks (Archived)Hejiru20636/8/2012
I finally beat this game :) (Archived)ps2snesgod15/24/2012
Holy-- just saw the true ending! [SPOILERS] (Archived)R9RO35/21/2012
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