Can you name Bowser's minions?

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7 years ago#1
So other people can put their posts in, I will just cover 2 basic henchmen.

7 years ago#2
Magic koopa
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7 years ago#3

Terra Cotta

7 years ago#4
Koopa Troopa
Para Goomba (goomba with parachute)
Sky Troopa (flying koopa troopa)
Bowser Jr. (not to be confused with Baby Bowser)
Kamek (Magikoopa leader???)
Petey Pirahna
Pirahna plants
Bullet Bills
Hammer Bros.
???? (Those baseball enemies from Super Mario World)
Kipp (normal enemy fish)
Mecha Koopa

All I can remember for now....
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7 years ago#5
Hammer Bro
Boomerang Bro
Fire Bro
7 years ago#6
Spiked Goomba
Buzzy Beatle
Spiked Parabeatle(Cheap, right?)
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7 years ago#7
Kammy Koopa
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7 years ago#8
Guys, stop assuming that any bad guy is Bowser's minion. It's never said that Cheep-Cheeps, Petey Piranha, King Boo, Anti-Guy, and various other enemies are under his rule, and you should'nt assume they are just because they attack Mario.
7 years ago#9
uh, king boo is bowser's minion. go play some mario64 ds
7 years ago#10
Petey Piranha is a boss in NSMB of World 5 and all the enemies in that game are Bowser's.
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