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Hopfully (Archived)The8thKoopaling511/24/2008
People u want to return (Archived)The8thKoopaling911/23/2008
Popple Rookie Ideas? (Archived)The8thKoopaling411/22/2008
I hope this game is good... (Archived)Diaphat111/21/2008
Who is your favourite super mario character? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
So... what will the boxart lok like? (Archived)MasterDarkForce711/19/2008
It'd be cool if the Axem Rangers made an appearance as a boss, or even cameos :D (Archived)AxemtheBlack711/18/2008
Today is Miyamoto's birthday! (Archived)PT_Piranha911/18/2008
Surfboard Luigi should be back... (Archived)
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Release date! (Archived)
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since my question wasnt answered on the sss board (Archived)Trenton1234411/16/2008
Who is more overated Geno from super mario rpg or Fawful from Mario and Luigi SS (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
More than three playable characters? (Archived)pikmin1254711/16/2008
Paper Mario Question (really random, sorry) (Archived)ZanderKaboose711/15/2008
I recently replayed PiT (Archived)Mcmadness611/15/2008
Hydrant Mario also should be back! (Archived)PsychoPiano999211/14/2008
Official Release Date (JP) (Archived)HokutoNoBen911/13/2008
What are the odds of Geno being in this one? (Archived)
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Who's your favorite generic Mario enemy? (Archived)
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Just wondering if this happed to anyone else (Archived)The8thKoopaling911/12/2008
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