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It would seem a new game in the series is just about due (Archived)BigBlue4Life211/18/2012
Is the 3DS's microphone more finicky or something? (Archived)imamelia511/14/2012
Is this a good idea on leveling the bros/bowser? (Archived)BlueDryBones1610/14/2012
A little help? (Archived)Zeratrix4310/5/2012
Would your Luigi survive if your Bowser punched him in the face? (Archived)kirby5790310/2/2012
Damage Cap (Archived)BlueDryBones119/25/2012
Help in Toad Town Caves (Archived)no1yoshifan49/12/2012
Toad Town...1 bean short (Archived)Dave52148/30/2012
I beat the Gauntlet with the bros. at level 36 (second try). (Archived)Fakatopatere38/13/2012
Final Boss Music Approaching One Million views on youtube Single Video (Archived)thinkingofwar88/12/2012
Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga Hardcore (Archived)ChronoCactaur28/2/2012
Has anyone beat the gaunlet? (Archived)jackruby0887/25/2012
Does Action Replay work for Fawful Express? (Archived)DrewWetter17/23/2012
How difficult did the Challenge Medal make the game for you? (Archived)Will_123117/19/2012
To Infectedglory (Bowser level 37) (Archived)kirby579016/28/2012
Ending. (Archived)DynasticAnthony16/26/2012
how do you do a low level run? (Archived)RedHeadedNerd64106/23/2012
Texture Hacks (Archived)ultimatechaos9926/22/2012
Sign here if you got A-rank on yoo-who cannon in less than 10 tries. (Archived)evillocke85/23/2012
This game's humor is so weird (Archived)
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