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I have them. (Archived)Zero_Saber_X212/5/2011
Where are the 3 attack pieces in Peach's Castle? (Archived)UlitmateZWarrior7889112/4/2011
Can you rebattle Giant Bosses as Giant Bowser after beating the game? (Archived)Jrx1211/28/2011
Odd Occurance on 3DS with this game (Archived)LightMegaSP311/25/2011
a few questions about Partners in Time (Archived)yoda2323511/25/2011
any secret for gut check... (Archived)davisbl345311/25/2011
So what accent does Fawful have? (Archived)StormReaper311/23/2011
All the Retry Clocks I used... (minor spoilers) (Archived)Victar711/15/2011
won't work on DSi XL (Archived)YoshiTurtwig529311/10/2011
my fawfulcopter goes chorchorchorchor.... (Archived)YoshiTurtwig529211/8/2011
Electric Fan firebreath FTW (Archived)Victar411/1/2011
Hmmmm... I'm not sure what to think at this point. (Archived)sejan12410/27/2011
The Final Battle Music... (Archived)LanLan12345210/27/2011
Final battle is pretty one-sided. *SPOILERS* (Archived)Zero_Saber_X310/27/2011
Bowser's Stats (Archived)KingAvatar310/27/2011
Level up (Archived)chequelots510/23/2011
C/D: Peach with and Toadsworth should help Mario and Luigi in the next game. (Archived)PokemonRanger45810/22/2011
Bowser's Inside story gear/badges analysis and such (Archived)
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Is this game and Partners in Time similar to the first one? (Archived)yoda2323510/18/2011
Which boss theme is superior? M&L2 or M&L3? (Archived)ChronoCactaur210/18/2011
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