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Big Shell isn't working (Archived)NeutronStar25638/17/2011
I don't get it *spoilers* (Archived)aeroblaster758/14/2011
The only thing I truly hate about this game is boss item drops (Archived)
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Is it TRULY possible... (Archived)windclaw3348/6/2011
Stuck on Airway inside Bowser! HELP! (Archived)rogue_agentX38/1/2011
Optional stuff (Archived)Mega_Beaver78/1/2011
Level 50?! (Archived)
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I hate the memory special attacks. (Archived)iron_defense57/29/2011
Anyone else hope to see a Mario Luigi RPG 4 in the future? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Pollen Mini-game is ass (Archived)emanc9347/27/2011
Gear for Darkstar X? (Archived)iron_defense37/27/2011
Am I the only one who thought the final boss was hard? (reason inside) (Archived)zekrom900157/25/2011
Bowser could have used a Hammer Bro special (Archived)Boo Destroyer37/25/2011
What would Bowser have done? (Archived)Amibo_Amore47/25/2011
Why is super bouncer so hard to use? (Archived)iron_defense57/24/2011
King Boo really sucks at this game (Archived)Boo Destroyer37/21/2011
Fly Far (Archived)caitebaby1917/19/2011
@avengah - KO Shell (Archived)WayoshiM17/19/2011
I bought this thinking it would be as good as Superstar Saga. I was wrong. (Archived)
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How do I line up the bob omb blitz properly (Archived)iron_defense27/19/2011
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