Is there a correlation between videogames and academic success?

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This is the topic I am currently writing a research paper on.

My hypothesis is that the data will demonstrate that there is no correlation between academic success and videogames when people play what I call "mindless" videogames, such as shooting games and racing games, while there is a correlation when people play "strategic" games like Final Fantasy, SSBB, and, of course, Pikmin!!!.

I've come here to collect some data.

I have already obtained data on GPA and extracurricular activities from the people in my school.

I need more data, however, from my "strategic" games, since everyone at my school only plays stupid COD.

Since my school's GPA is kind of funky and probably a lot different than your schools', I'm forced to obtain a different set of data from you: results on the dreaded SAT!!!!


Answer these questions please :D

1.) How many hours have you played Pikin 2?
2.) What were your scores on the SAT or ACT?

Here's my answers:

1.) Roughly 30 hours.
2.) (620 Math) (600 Reading) (660 Writing)

/\ Feel free to copy paste and change my numbers to yours.

All responses are greatly appreciated, and it's completely understandable if you don't feel comfortable posting your scores on the SAT. And it's okay if you don't recall exact numbers. Just try to be accurate!!!

Thank you guys so much!

**And this topic will exist on several other "strategic" videogame boards as well.
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And here are links to the other topics, in case you guys are curious (I hope you are -- it's a very interesting topic!!!).
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