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create new items/pikmin/creatures/???? (maybe spoilers) (Archived)mettocarpicet09311/29/2009
GameCube controller? (Archived)Striker963211/19/2009
According to wikipedia.. (Archived)pug_wishbone311/18/2009
Any word on when this is coming to NA? (Archived)
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White and Purple Flowers - not there anymore (Archived)Calculator14510/3/2009
if I've never played the first... (Archived)NedJue410/1/2009
FREE New Play Pikmin 2 Registration code!! (Archived)DelusionalKid19/11/2009
So the Pikmin Planet is Earth right? (Archived)
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Just called Nintendo, they said New Play Control Pikmin 2 is in their systems!!! (Archived)the_importer78/5/2009
Pikmin 3 New Enemy/bosses and pikmin and treasures (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
What kind of game is this? (Archived)Undrtaker97/25/2009
Voting Time 2 (Archived)Klarmar77/16/2009
Is there any Pikmin 3 gameplay footage yet? (Archived)Volteon77/14/2009
question about the wii mote controller (Archived)firecloud13437/10/2009
Pikmin 3 What is it going to be? (Archived)ajnels27/8/2009
Worth the wait for play controls? (Archived)sheikhandude37/3/2009
still no pikmin 3! (Archived)
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NO PIKMIN 3 AT E3 2009!? What the heck! (Archived)Johnnymushio96/24/2009
Pikmin 2 days question (Archived)Koopa_Troopa9226/19/2009
Where do i find the golden/yellow candypop bud? (Archived)no1yoshifan26/6/2009
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