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Unlockables... (Archived)
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grapple beam controls (Archived)Citan2243/28/2009
How long does it take to freakin localize a once localized game?! (Archived)
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With the easier wiimote free-aiming, will the Flamethrower actually be useful? (Archived)nintendomaniac73/26/2009
Absolute phenomenal game... (Archived)Lord_Yggdrassil23/26/2009
when you switch the consol's language to englisch, is it english? (Archived)yakooza_63/22/2009
Which script does the game have? NTSC or PAL? (nt) (Archived)Dusk_Thanatos23/22/2009
Is it just my copy, or are the graphics really grainier then on the GC (Archived)proair9243/16/2009
My thoughts on MP Wii (Archived)
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Nintendo is Desperate? (Archived)
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Do you have the entire Prime Trilogy... (Archived)
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Can You Change The Sensitivity? (Archived)T3h_Butt3rs33/12/2009
So how do you switch weapons? (Archived)alphamale198993/9/2009
can this played with the gamecube pad? (Archived)yakooza_73/6/2009
The official North American release date topic (Archived)Agent Orange83/6/2009
So the game's out in Japan now. (Archived)
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is it really out (Archived)DefHalan33/4/2009
Anyone else having a hard time abstaining from playing the GC version? (Archived)
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So I guess someone just copy and pasted that GameCube cheats... (Archived)LinkTheLefty53/4/2009
So, I played the GC version, but I couldn't beat the final boss. (Archived)PaperSpock43/2/2009
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