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Yay, I never got this, now I can ^_^ (Archived)Enferolunos21/7/2009
Why are there cheats up for this game? (Archived)L0Z612/17/2008
do u get this on the shop channel? (Archived)nicholas_g212/13/2008
Easy Way to Tell for PAL or NTSC? (Archived)Bizzle_Leonard812/13/2008
I really DO hope that they will implement online in this. (Archived)Pioldes812/11/2008
someone please clear this up (Archived)XxdeadguyxX712/10/2008
I wonder if they'll put in Kraid and the stuff they didn't have time for. (Archived)iammaxhailme712/9/2008
Hey Point out the US release date for me.. (Archived)greedygoblin512/9/2008
Add a new secret unlockable boss! (Archived)Iffymuffin612/3/2008
If this has Metroid Prime 3's controls, it will be the best remake ever. (Archived)
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who here thinks...[spoilers] (Archived)one_x911/17/2008
This gives them a great chance to improve this game, honestly. (Archived)
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*Slams fist against the wall.* If they're going to do this then... (Archived)Solid Sonic611/16/2008
If they don't add widescreen support.... (Archived)BoyLover_X811/14/2008
What the hell is this? (Archived)
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stupid question. (Archived)wackyteen410/29/2008
I wonder what will happen to the Fusion bonuses... (Archived)jhurvid810/29/2008
Metroid NES's chances? (Archived)Ganon24510/28/2008
I have MP2&MP3 and I saw MP1... (Archived)PyroSpark310/26/2008
GCN prime 1: second secret world found in landing site (Archived)bowsersenemy610/25/2008
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