I beat the Boost Guardian on my first try

#1JBauer2008Posted 3/15/2014 10:23:55 AM
I finally started playing Echoes after beating the first game. And after hearing a lot of negative feedback about a certain frustrating boss on online forums, I was able to beat the Boost Guardian on my very first try.

Being prepared certainly helped. I brought 5 E-Tanks to this battle, plus 99 Light Ammo.

And granted, this was my first time playing, so I tried Normal mode in the Trilogy Version (AKA Easy Mode). This was also the only boss I consulted a FAQ due to the fact that he's infamous amongst Metroid players. Even in the Omega Pirate battle, I avoided spoilers.

I survived the battle with 3 E-Tanks left. I'll probably regret such an easy victory when I try facing this sucker on Veteran and Hypermode levels (for now, I still think Prime 1's Ridley is the trilogy's hardest boss).

Also, I managed to find up to 3 Save Stations on both Torvus Bog and its dark counterpart. This kind of baffles me, as I recall people complaining there weren't enough Save Stations. There are more than in the Phazon Mines.

Did Nintendo and Retro add an extra station for the Trilogy version?