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Total Steps By Birth Month? (Archived)Legion0526/21/2010
How often do you have to connect the pedometer and the DS? (Archived)Caius_Leonhart23/6/2010
Question on deleting player profiles (Archived)SpiritMuse22/27/2010
Cheating? (Archived)UncleSamPatriot210/25/2009
I got 43rd place in highest step count! (Archived)bigguy132l110/17/2009
Where do you clip yours? Not registering activity at times. (Archived)JazzyBlackk410/16/2009
How does this choose what animal you are? (Archived)Gyromite99/13/2009
Is This Game Hard? (Archived)allnamestaken29/6/2009
Personal Trainer: Walking Review Review (Archived)Octorok38598/14/2009
I'm very curious in getting this. What's the moon walk thing and WiFi features? (Archived)TheMisfit28/4/2009
Steps needed to walk 1 mile / 1 kilometer (Archived)dyl100017/23/2009
Can you register this game with Club Nintendo for stars? (Archived)EarthwormSkin57/2/2009
How many days does the actual step meter keep info for? (Archived)AngeI_Of_Dark36/26/2009
I made #1!!!!!!!!!! (Archived)Mother Bird46/23/2009
communication error help (Archived)Kitt Thrust66/22/2009
Do you charge the activitymeter or does it use a disposable battery? (Archived)chipwilliams7736/22/2009
Confused on GMT?? Check here to find out when that is... (Archived)Mother Bird26/22/2009
Has anyone figured out how many steps = 1 mile? (Archived)Mel60013026/18/2009
Most accurate way to carry pedometer: belt loop or pocket? (Archived)luffy51366/18/2009
5 reasons to get this game (Archived)CrazyJay627106/15/2009
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