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8 years ago#1
So how is this game?
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8 years ago#2
We're all waiting for you to buy it first.
8 years ago#3
lol. XD
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8 years ago#4
IGN gave it a 4.0. Sounds like there are little to no options for this game.
No More Heroes is pretty much the greatest game ever made.
8 years ago#5
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
8 years ago#6
After Potpourri I'm really cautious on the Wii-Ware puzzle games. :( Potpourri wasn't bad... but the no options (especially not even level select) really grate on you after the first 3 games or so. :(

So if this has absolutely literally zero options.. that would probably count it out for me. :( Maybe I'm jaded from... Oh I don't know. Every other puzzle game. But I'm used to *at least* a level select...
8 years ago#7
Wiiware-World gave this a 7, however they tend to score most games in that range.
No More Heroes is pretty much the greatest game ever made.
8 years ago#8
Okay don't compare this to the crappyness that is Potpurri. This game is much much better. You just chip blocks away and the pieces fall into the pit, here's the kicker!!! The combo points charge your earthquake-o-meter!!!

... Which makes me motion sick. And your arms get completely wasted after a half-hour of playing on the hardest difficulty...

I'd suggest 2p vs mode taking a break inbetween games.

It is much better than potpurri though in terms of fun...! I really did enjoy playing it until I got motion sick from the earthquaking. Lots of fun Fall-themed levels too, if you're looking for a puzzle game, and something with a fall theme.

Good stuff!
8 years ago#9
^If you can clarify for me, which game gives you motion sickness. Potpurrii or MadStone?

I like the look of Madstone but in the end it just looks like it is a button masher where the quicker person will win. Is there some strategy here that I am missing?
No More Heroes is pretty much the greatest game ever made.
8 years ago#10
MadStone. I couldn't even watch the Earthquakes tonight.

Here's the basic strategy.

There are two kinds of destructable blocks (damaged and undamaged, and 3 sizes of each 1x1, 1x2, , 2x1, 2x2), one 1x1 block that levels all destructable blocks horizontally (1 row) and two kinds of blocks that you can turn in. (also destructable but then that'd be bad if you did that on accident)

So ok, keeping that in mind. if you destroy a block in the middle, causing the block ontop to fall onto the block below, you would destroy that block if that block had already been damaged one time and also any block beneath that that it keeps crashing into as long as the blocks are damaged.

Hidden in all these destructable blocks are two kinds of turn-in blocks. A 1x1 size and a 2x2 size. Your goal is to get these turn-in blocks to the bottom and in your portal.

So here's the twist. As long as everything keeps falling, all those turn-ins start wracking up as combos. As soon as that round of falling stops, it charges up your earthquake bar. (keep in mind the enemy is doing this as well.)

As soon as the falling stops, you see your earthquake bar charge and you just start shaking the wii-mote like crazy, only stopping if your bar runs out or if the little horizontal shooting 1x1 bars get in the way of your combo-ing.

While earthquaking it is destroying blocks without you having to chip away at them (everything but horizontal shooting blocks) and your turn-ins are falling into the pit giving you combos and the destructable blocks are destructing. Well along with this, your earthquake is randomly destroying the other player's turn-in blocks before he can turn them in to his portal for combos.

And also the faster you shake your wii-mote the faster the screen shakes, the faster you destroy their blocks, the sicker I get.

It reminds me a lot of Fortress for the GBA but that had no shaking... Why the hell don't they just make a Wii-Ware of Fortress... ARGH!!!!!

Anyway yea. I seriously love this game but holy crap it makes me sick. I wish there was a turn off earthquake mode, a lot of MMOG's now have an option to turn weather effects off because they keep finding that for some stupid reason weather effects make some people SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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