How to stop lag?

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6 years ago#1
I've been lagging like crazy since last patch, any ideas?
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6 years ago#2
check your settings.

if not that, reinstall

if not that, get better internet

if not that, get better computer

if not that, complain to riot
6 years ago#3
what do I change in my settings?
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6 years ago#4
Happened to me as well. I restarted my computer and the lag went away.
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6 years ago#5
While in-game there should be a little gear lookign thing in the bottomright by the minimap. Right next to a sword and stuff. Hover over it and it will say "options." In options should be a "video settings," which would be the biggest factor in lag.

Also, if you mean a delay lag (I click then don't move for 2 seconds, then walk backwards, then finally move forward again), instead of FPS lag (I'm moving but I can't see wtheck is going on), then STOP PLAYING ON A ROUTER. Get a wire plugged directly into your computer/laptop instead of using a wireless connection. I've played on 3-4 different routers in the past month and not a single one has failed to cause a delay.
6 years ago#6
^Not all routers are bad. I've used a router for several years, and I usually have one of the lowest pings, around 30. It depends on your ISP, among other things, as well as placement in relation to the router. I've done tons of online games without problem, usually without problems.

Actually, in most situations, a good router shouldn't feel much different....maybe a difference of 10-20 ping. Unless you're like 200 feet away from the router with 3 solid brick walls between you and the router o_0

TC, what kind of lag are you referring to? Look in the upper right corner the next time you lag. Are you seeing the FPS drop dramatically? Or has the ping gone up (the 4 little rectangles, hover your mouse over it to show your ping). Speaking of which, what is your ping? Just start a practice game and see what it is, tell us here. If it's like 500 or something that means you've got crappy internet.
6 years ago#7
when my game lags, it randomly stops for a moment, then starts up again

happens everytime I try to type or use an abilty, make it hard to tank

the number under my score is around 30 if that's what you're wondering
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6 years ago#8
FPS: around 30
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6 years ago#9
This game has a problem with router buffer size apparently, and I don't use a cheap router.
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6 years ago#10
this only started happening after the last patch, should I reinstall?
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