Jungle Cho Gath build?

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User Info: CrazyLarkin

6 years ago#1

I've seen one jungle Cho, and that was a while ago.

Reason I asked is cause I played Cho(Playing diff champs >.>) And I did pretty good with him. And nomming things is always fun.

Yes yes, I know to build him as AP mage.
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User Info: alvinxie

6 years ago#2
Cloth +5
RoA or some random mage stuff
Make that cloth armor into a tank item.
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User Info: brawrdy

6 years ago#3
armor + pots

I was lucky and faced 5 AD champs so I turned it into a tabi.

Next item after boots is deathcap, and from there it just depends on how you want to go.

Skills I went with E first then maxed Q with one point in w.

Your ganks are completely reliant on your opponent getting knocked in the air/your ally having a stun/snare to make sure it lands. If you can get the popup you can get the kill pretty consistently.
It only took a critical hit to destroy the death star... if it had a little more resilience... ~ Lokarin
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