Cow's guide to Streaming v1

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Someone requested this, so here it is :D

So you want to stream League of Legends so everybody can find out how bad VoidEternal is at this game? Well then you've come to the right place! Today, I shall teach you the art of streaming your own League of Legends games for the whole world to see!

We're going to need a few things before we begin to set up our stream. The first one is xsplit. Xsplit is a program that will allow you to broadcast to any site you want(I used You will also need to register on xsplit's site as a user.

Got that? Ok. Next, set up an account at any streaming site that you want. For the purpose of this text, I will act as if you are using, because that's what I'm most familiar with.

Open up Xsplit, log in with your Xsplit account, and set your screen region (File > New Screen Region) to your whole screen.
Next, change your scale viewport down to to 10% (View > Scale Viewport > 10%). This will help you lag less.

Now go to user settings (Tools > Settings), go to the resolutions tab and check whatever screen resolution you have.
Now go to the channels tab and click "Add Channel". Input the username + password of your channel into the corresponding boxes.
Select your channel from the dropdown menu, and then have these settings for quality:
Quality: 6
Max Bitrate: 1200
Buffer: 2000
Audio: 44KHz 16 bit stereo
Codec: MP3
Audio Bitrate: 64000

Hit Ok, then hit Ok again. Go to View > Resolution and check the resolution that you want to use.

Click Broadcast > (Your Channel) to begin streaming!

Hope this helps!

The most frequent problem seems to be streams that never load. The problem doesn't seem to be anything on the streamer's side, it's usually something with that's the problem. Restarting the Xsplit client may work, but the unwillingness to load should simply go away after while.
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Sticky this **** now.
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Yay! I can stream my coop matches now!
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If you think that's something wait until I make a guide on making League of Legends Machinima!
I just need to actually make one first. I'm too lazy to do it solo so I'll need voice actors, players to control the characters, and a script.
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From: Icegoten200 | #004
I'll need voice actors

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I'll control some characters O.o
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I can act with voices.
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Nintendo is going to buy Canada with the money they make from the 3DS
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Is this better and less laggy than streaming with VHScrCap and FME?
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Would be interested into joining for the Machinima.
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