Ryze vs Ahri mid

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User Info: GrimmViking

5 years ago#1
I know a good Ahri destroys mid and ryze is weak in early laning but that flash charm combo just destroys me. Didn't turn out well when i played very passively only farming and trading spells when she comes near me. Any tips guys?

User Info: link0099

5 years ago#2
lvl 1-3 ahri

anything later ryze should mop the floor with her

I dont have a apecialised rune page, just mp5's and standard caster

with w lvls in q, your smg with a blue crystal start is amazing harrass, you can zone most mids so hard. especially since ahris are skill shots
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User Info: Teh_Stuntorz

5 years ago#3
yeah go zone ahri when her skills outrange yours
Because shut up.

User Info: Tekutso

5 years ago#4
Ahri destroys ryze.
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User Info: GrimmViking

5 years ago#5
Damn nothing really can be done against Ahri? Ryze is my current favorite ap atm... It is just sad that other AP with longer range than him punishes him hard =(.

User Info: Whatsmynamedood

5 years ago#6
Dat banshees. Or at least a negatron.
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