Why are people so afraid of blitzcrank?

#1YellowWallpaperPosted 5/31/2012 11:58:38 AM
Fine I may get a kill or two during laning...

But when I rocket grab, and I miss, during the early levels when it's like my only skill...

I noticed I can deny people farm by positioning myself behind their creeps.

And when I run towards them they think I'm trying to rocket grab them so they run even further back (even though it has a 16 second cooldown...)

I've literally managed to solo lanes sometimes like this lol
#2ssj98_gotenksPosted 5/31/2012 12:00:53 PM
Because he garen-tee's a kill.
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#3x77654Posted 5/31/2012 12:03:46 PM
90% of the time there is an enemy blitzcrank on the enemy team we lose because my team doesn't learn from the first ten times that he has an ability that grabs you.
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#4NoboPosted 5/31/2012 12:07:16 PM
blitz crank is the only time I will pick sivir in ranked games then I usually get free mana.... but supports feed too so you know..
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#5negative4Posted 5/31/2012 12:10:42 PM
He's a great support. Rocket grab, stun, ults. You can easily pick apart someone with your carry when he gets you. But alone, he isn't that scary.
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#6VoidgolemPosted 5/31/2012 12:16:29 PM
Land grabs all day, get zero kills because allied Vayne says "I'm a carry I don't shoot them early on"

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#7TomorrowDogPosted 5/31/2012 12:17:24 PM
Lots of people don't take in to account cooldowns and such. Even though he just whiffed a grab, some people will still hide 50 feet away from him out of fear of it.
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#8zefigPosted 5/31/2012 12:22:53 PM
I just played Blitz in Dominion and I could 1v1 Olaf. Fierce.
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#9SorrySleepingPosted 5/31/2012 12:24:44 PM
zefig posted...
I just played Blitz in Dominion and I could 1v1 Olaf. Fierce.

Great attack speed steroid. Auto attack reset skill that deals double AD. Skill to grab running Olaf and tell him "NO, YOU DIE!".
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#10SpacefrisianPosted 5/31/2012 1:54:17 PM
Blizcranks grab should be renamed.

It should be:
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