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7 years ago#1
After finally sitting through the download process, I finally got around to playing LoL last night for about 4 hours. Qualification: I'm a dota vet, been playing on and off for a few years now. Played competitively a bit, but don't have the time, so I just PuB or just do on the spot premades for the most part these days...

My first thoughts: I really had a good time with League of Legends. I went in with low expectations, but found myself pleasantly surprised. I really like a lot of the things that they've implemented like account leveling, talent trees, and universal hero skills (ie, heal and exhaust). I also really liked the map layouts, tons of side paths and creep camps make for all kinds of mayhem in the gank lanes. I love the insta stealth when hiding in the bushes, makes for some great ambushes. I love that the towers instantly target heroes attacking you, it makes planning attacks around the towers a lot more strategic. I also loved being able to mark heroes for focus fire. Lastly, I thought the item buying process was FANTASTIC. Pick a base item, and it instantly shows all the various recipes that you can now make from your base item. It gives you a recommended item build which can help you just quickly get a foundation and tweak as you continue playing ((although I didn't like some of the recommendations).

Cons: I'm not going to discuss the normal balancing and bug-fixing that needs to happen (some heroes had missing skill descriptions), this is normal stuff that will get corrected with increased play. Besides that, I thought too many of the heroes were cookie cutter - one nuke, one snare/stun, one passive, and an aoe/ubernuke ult. I didn't see any heroes that made me say "woah, this is a really interesting unique hero." Also, many of the hero and item stats are laughably dota-esque (they got your pudge, your riki SA, your bloodseeker, etc.). I also didn't like that few items had abilities (I actually didn't see any, but didn't spend a lot of time poring through each and every item description) - I missed my sheep stick and my diffusal blade. Having these items just makes the micro more fun, which can complement some of the otherwise boring hero builds.

Conclusion: All in all, the game flowed well and played like dota. I had some really fun kills and combos, and found myself quickly preferring certain heroes over others. My team was coordinating all kinds of ganks and pushes, and it was great to see so many of the little things implemented in this game that dota could not due to the limitations of WCIII.
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7 years ago#2
Hey, just sayin'

You could expand just a little on this and post it as LoL's first review.
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7 years ago#3
I love me them bushes!
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7 years ago#4
I think it's a bit too early to post a review with the game still in beta. These are just initial beta impressions.
However, after continued play, I gotta say, the game is officially kicking tail. It's a blast.

Also, before some games I like to take a poll of what the players think of the game so far. The response is overwhelmingly positive.
I'm really excited for this one once it is released, it looks very very good so far.
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