If you need a key, go here.

#1Kcaz64Posted 10/11/2009 3:59:31 PM

They're giving out a bunch of keys right now.
The above post is 100% serious.
#2Kcaz64(Topic Creator)Posted 10/12/2009 3:48:10 PM
Bump because people are still posting asking for keys, apparently not seeing this.
The above post is 100% serious.
#3j8262345Posted 10/12/2009 3:56:09 PM
I saw it :D
#4jaredt13Posted 10/18/2009 9:00:30 AM
Thanks for the link, I thought I'd never get a key.
#5Slywolf10Posted 10/18/2009 3:26:46 PM

Thanks just got one

#6Jmaster3265Posted 10/19/2009 8:15:39 PM

Also search league of legends on facebook. I believe there is a page that has a lot of keys.

#7lostnPosted 10/20/2009 8:29:49 PM
It won't let me get it because it's only open to North American users. Could someone claim a key and email me at amiliaperez@yahoo.com ?
#8Kishar21Posted 10/27/2009 12:39:48 PM
Doesn't matter anymore, the game is now OUT!!!! YAY!!!!

SSBB FC: Kish-1032-0959-0027
#9Kh4otikPosted 10/27/2009 1:10:36 PM
See, im confused. Is the game actually out? Because the the main website is still all "beta" this and "beta" that.
#10ZaishiPosted 10/27/2009 1:26:12 PM
It is out, technically. It's still beta though as far as players are concerned. There's only 2 maps, and the store wont be up for another month, which means an entire aspect of character progression is missing (runes).