I like Shaco.

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User Info: PRNOIAxPlus

7 years ago#1
He's cool.


I also dislike Gangplank.

Your thoughts. Discuss, please.

User Info: PRNOIAxPlus

7 years ago#2
As someone who's currently addicted to LoL, I'd just like to let the creators know I haven't checked out the other games that you'll be competing with and I already dislike Demigod. You guys did a good job so far. :D

*thumbs up*

Sorry for the double post.
(I also think buying the pack, though it does support the creators, is being lazy. People should work for their heroes.)

-dumps flammable oil on himself-

User Info: wickerman555

7 years ago#3
I too like Shaco. Especially a DPS Shaco with lifesteal.
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User Info: PRNOIAxPlus

7 years ago#4
I haven't experimented with the other items besides his recommended yet.

I wanted to try ability power items first, though.

User Info: mafiafun

7 years ago#5
I have never seen a good AP shaco. Go for attack power. And he's a bit overpowered considering how he can escape too easily.
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User Info: asian_dave

7 years ago#6
I havent tried Shaco yet. All I know is that he is one of the most annoying characters to try and kill because he can just vanish.. I hate fighting Shaco.
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User Info: Froggie48

7 years ago#7
I've never used Shaco myself (and more than likely never will), but I enjoy seeing him on my team in the hands of someone who knows how to use him more than most champs.
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User Info: Brian1616

7 years ago#8
yeah, Im always glad to have a shaco around in my team, they dont die much and help a lot, but sadly, when I tried using shaco myself I couldnt do much.

User Info: nothv13

7 years ago#9
AP Shaco was the only one used in high elo games and now he's been nerfed pretty hard.

User Info: Maxmus050

7 years ago#10

hmm i found the assassins in league of legends pretty fake and sometimes feel overpowerd.

Like Evelynn..

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