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User Info: fuzzynutz_usa

7 years ago#11

If you have a decent attack speed it may be worth it to grab the Bloodrazor which does a 3% of max health per hit.

User Info: lionheart5656

7 years ago#12
I find bloodrazor and last whisper are a tank's nightmare combination. Bypass half their armor and use their hp against them. It makes them cry everytime.
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User Info: simcowking

7 years ago#13
You don't lose if you need your team to kill one player. Cause once cho dies, he's very useless until he can feast again to max. Which is quite a bit of time in LoL time. :)

User Info: RandomHero890

7 years ago#14
Definitely have your DPS carry pick up a Madred's Bloodrazor, Last whisper, and possibly Black Cleaver as well (because usually tank Cho'gath builds also pick up lots of +armor) if time/money permits.

With those 3 items, the good physical DPS carries (Tryndamere right now, Yi, Ashe, Sivir, even Warwick) can cut through that Cho'gath like a hot knife through butter.

User Info: Vordrax

7 years ago#15
Treat Cho'Gath like a carry and kill him early and often.

My Veigar had enough AP to combo kill a Cho'gath that wasn't fully fed. Deathfire Grasp + stun + meteor + Baleful + ultimate put him into the floor rather quickly. Subsequently, I was devoured by his team.

However, when I returned, I was carrying a brand new 5 AP and he's carrying a brand new -2k HP.
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