Thingking of getting this but.........

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7 years ago#1
Is it any good? I do not want to be at loss as i was with Dota or the no lan thing for demigod initially.
7 years ago#2
yes, it is good, but you're still going to get your arse ripped open by the same likes of dota. aside from the players, the game itself is a bit more newb friendly than dota.
7 years ago#3
worth the money.


I think if i had to have bought the game, i'd be less likely to have played it. But since its free, i'll play. Its a great game, but the games are not quite fair yet (normally one side dominates the entire game.)

Besides, if you can't stand the game, uninstall it. Only wasted a bit of time, just like renting the game.
7 years ago#4
Try it out. It's free. If the download is a problem, then that's when you maybe should reconsider. It took me ten minutes to download and have up and running.
7 years ago#5
I was in the same boat, and on an impulse I went out and dropped a paltry $28 on the game.

It was easily worth it.

The play, community (the good parts), and the team are all reasons to pick up the hard copy.

Little tab for a very balanced (it really is, and this is coming from a competitive Virtua Fighter player), fun and in-depth PvP title.
Got you all in check.
7 years ago#6
The game is free. You should just download it and try it, if you hate it, you can delete it ;p

If you REALLY hate it you can send me hate mail -- zileas [a t]


- Zileas
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  3. Thingking of getting this but.........

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