Kassadin gearing.

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What is a good gearing strategy for Kassadin, to use as an assassin?
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Ninjitsu_Omega2 posted...
What is a good gearing strategy for Kassadin, to use as an assassin?

theres a few ways yo can go my 2 main: Lichbane and stock up on as much AP as you can, you can get to 1k dmg in a sec with the leachbane passive. second lots of dmg and critchance but also the blue sword that you need for lichbane, infinity, phantom.

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Okay, also, which ability is best to get first, and what order from there?
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Don't listen to him. Melee kassadins are fail kassadins. Go to leagueoflegends.com and look up a guide for him. The one i used focused around AP, mana, and Riftwalk, and i hit 1600 burst damage.
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'Assassin' always means 'AP/Lichbane burst damage'. Except in cases where all abilities have horrible scaling.

So, Build a lichbane and as many boosts to AP as you can reasonably construct. Nashor's probably fits in somewhere as well.


Please note that AP spike builds are horribly, horribly raped by any player smart enough to start buying magic resist once it's clear that that's what you're up to, so your mileage may vary.
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Do not go melee as Kassadin. Do not go with his recommended items. Go spellcaster. Start with Sorceror's Shoes, then Glacial Shroud, and then perhaps Darkgrasp / AP or +mana items. Definately get frozen heart to reduce the cooldown on Rift Walk, and you'll be tearing enemies apart. If you get in a jam you can just teleport away. If you're not geared a spellcaster you can't use Riftwalk as an escape because the cooldown is too long for it to be useful and the mana cost is too high.
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I Agree with melee kassadins being fail. I actually laugh at them in game. AP kassadin usually with deathfire's grasp, rod of ages and rylai's scare the crap out of me though.
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I actually go

Mejai Soulstealer
Sorcerer's Shoes
Zhonya's Ring
Lich Bane
Rylai's Scepter
Abyssal Scepter

I've gotten all the way to abyssal scepter 3 or 4 times. I end up with 700 AP and I can basically kill entire teams in a second.

Basically once you get Mejai gank until you can get the shoes and ring. By then youll have 350-400. After that you can pretty much teleport to an enemy, exhaust if they're melee, use Q then E and they're dead. =/ I actually one shot 2-3 guys with E....lol last game I went 25-1...Died in the first 10 then got a 25 kill streak lol
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