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7 years ago#1
I've been playing this game for a few weeks now, and am reasonably good at it. I just picked up Blitzcrank two days ago and have been experimenting with some ideas on how to run him.

I've looked at lots of guides, and have decided to try building him around AP (which seems to be against the trend for him, lol). Anyhow, what i want to know is this:

If i have Lich bane equipped on Blitzcrank, will the AP damage granted from it get doubled from his Powerfist? Or is it as the ability says, and it only doubles base damage...?
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7 years ago#2
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7 years ago#3
No it will not double the damage from lichbane.
7 years ago#4
Blitz is a tank / DPS hybrid. he only has 2 abilities that are modified by AP, and both are on long cooldowns, and one's a skill shot, and the other requires proximity. After that you're helpless. You're better off just getting Sheen and stacking damage if you're going for damage output.

Trinity Force and Frozen Heart are my two favorite starter items for him beyond boots.
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