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7 years ago#1
Anyone want a free Ryze Skin that was only available for pre-ordering?

I have 9 more left if you all want one. Hit me up here.
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7 years ago#2
I would, but I don't play Ryze at all. I own him from one of the character packs but never bothered to try him.
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7 years ago#3

Yes, there are Os and 0s in it. No dashes at all.
GT: Dimascus | Playing: Borderlands - Aion
37 Chanter - Disciple - Elyos - Azphel
7 years ago#4
I'll take one if that's ok but how could you give it to me without others seeing?
If you need it I can give my e-mail, thanks though =D
7 years ago#5
I hope that the fact that I just spent a heap of IP Points to buy Ryze doesn't make me look like an idiot now because I need to get another 1350 + the 500 i was missing for Jax =(
7 years ago#6
Also, that code you have there is either invalid or taken =(
If you have any working spares then that'd be nice =D
7 years ago#7
Ill take one please! :D
7 years ago#8
Oooo, and Ill second the email method too. :D
7 years ago#9
I'd take one, if it's for the EU version (maybe it doesn't matter?) PM it?
7 years ago#10
Oh I definitely want one- how should we contact you? I recently started playing Ryze and I can I'm damn good with him. He quickly became one of my "triad" heroes (three heroes i rotate). A unique skin would make playing him even more awesome.
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