Who exactly is considered the "worst" champion in the game?

#21KamHoPosted 1/18/2010 9:37:31 AM
morgana, there are just too many ways to escape her abilities.
#22dandinhPosted 1/18/2010 11:41:56 PM
I break the worst heros into 2 categories of play:

1: pubstar
2: organized team

Worst pubstar heros to play is any support champion. Because usually the game drags out very long and support champion faces deminishing utility while carries gets exponentially stronger.

Worst organized team heros: Evelyn, Warwick, Mundo.
#23HosedAndHappyPosted 1/20/2010 1:22:02 PM
The thing I've noticed is that once you get into the higher brackets you actually need less skill to play the game. Every game just turns into both teams running around as a group of 5. This is what makes some of the champions less useful because if you don't really add much to a team fight you're hurting your team. I know they said they trying to figure out how to stop this but I don't really see how it's possible. I hope they find a way because they game is a lot less enjoyable once every game is played the same way. At least release the 3v3 map.
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#24Frost_bornePosted 1/20/2010 1:49:23 PM
There's no worst character. It all depends on your team's synergy. For example, obviously two melee in a lane will suck rocks against two ranged. However, if one of those melee is Blitzcrank, then he can reel in one of the enemies so you can pummel their squishy asses.

It all depends, really.
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#25Odd_manPosted 1/20/2010 1:55:16 PM
There will always be a least useful character in virtually every game that is like this. By being less useful than every other character, that character is the worst character. Like honestly what does Warwick do that Udyr doesn't? And the things that Warwick does do better, are they even useful/important to have in ANY team? Considering any situation that Warwick will do better in, it's likely marginally better or the situation is simply too obscure or trivial to care about.
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From: zara_elite275 | #002
because if you're team sucks

Cause a bad team = bad champions?

From: dandinh | #022
support champion faces deminishing utility while carries gets exponentially stronger.

>__> Taric = support = aura that boost damage =useful late game.
Soraka = armor boost = useful all games (especially on carries) + Global heal = basically full heal on some carries if used right.

Sure, you can't expect to get many kills with a support early or late game (lots of assists though), but if you have healed over 60k (average as soraka in 25 minute games) thats 60k extra damage your team took which is the equivalent of about 30 kills saved (assuming 2k hp for average heros) >__>b Which is that much more farm time for the carries early game, and late game you're still healing them full health with your ult (34second cool down) and boosting armor on them so they don't have to even get hurt much.

Also I normally pub as support characters because other teams don't realize their potential to help. Sure end game if I'm 0/1/24 and the carry is 14/3/3 he gets all the credit for carrying the team, which is his job to carry.

From: KamHo | #021
morgana, there are just too many ways to escape her abilities.

Just no... Play morg a while. You learn to adapt to who has cleanse and not. and banshee veil is destroyed by the AoE spell. so Snare after the placement and then win. >__>b