Any way to play this in Windowed mode?

#1dccthezanPosted 2/16/2010 9:54:18 PM
Adding "-window" to the end of the shortcut didn't work, and I didn't see anything about it in any of the options menus.
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#2importflipPosted 2/16/2010 10:10:08 PM
You didn't see the option that said "Windowed Mode" ? You have to go to the options menu when you are actually in a game.

It's there.

"-window" would work, except you probably added that to the launcher's shortcut and not the game's actual shortcut.
#3VoidgolemPosted 2/17/2010 4:41:44 AM
wtb: Option menu usable from, as opposed to while a game is running >.>

Minor feature, certainly, but it'd be nice.
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#4simcowkingPosted 2/17/2010 3:40:36 PM
You get about a minute and a half before the game starts to change options/shop/move to where you are going... If that isn't enough time... xD

Also, it'd be conveinent, but how often do you change your settings in game? :P Most players set it once and live with it how it is. >__>b

d<__<, but a feature is a feature, and it really can't be something that can be complained for adding (but it shouldn't be top priority)
#5dccthezan(Topic Creator)Posted 2/17/2010 9:35:41 PM
Hm, I found the windowed mode option, but it's still the highest priority window, so it's always in front, even if I click off.

Anyway to fix that?

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