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User Info: alex0112

7 years ago#1
Last week i had trouble downloading the update patch, with an error message which said"Failed to download, please restart the application and try again." i tried a few different methods to fix this problem but nothing except deleting all LoL Files on my computer and re-downloading the game seemed to work.
I am now having the same problem again with this weeks new patch update. I really do not want to have to delete and re-download this game every patch update that comes out :\ . Is anyone else having this problem? More importantly has anyone found a sure way to fix this issue?

btw i have windows 7

thanks in adv.!
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User Info: NeCrOmAnCeR

7 years ago#2
Check your to make sure your firewall/antivirus isn't blocking the download.

User Info: FenixFaust

7 years ago#3
have you put in your own personal skins in the heropak_client zip?
if you have, then you need to put an unaltered copy of the zip in the right folder so it will update correctly.
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