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6 years ago#11
Alrighty. I take it back, small error with my calculation, I was certain that the formula for Armor was...

Armor / (Armor + 100) not 100 / (Armor + 100)

Go for ArP then!
6 years ago#12
I love playing AP Shaco, my book looks as follows:

Red - Magic Penetration
Yellow - MP/5 or Dodge
Blue - AP/level or Flat CD Reduction
Quints - Flat HP

Two Shiv will be your main damage/harassment, one level of Hallucinate, max JITB after Shiv and take your Ultimate whenever you can.
6 years ago#13
..also Decieve's apparently broken right now. Hrm.
'This would be my cue to say something snarky, wouldn't it? I'll have to remember that. For the next time you make an idiot of yourself...'

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