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6 years ago#1
So I had a match earlier today, which was going nicely. One of our people disconnected, but then a while later two of theirs did, so it was 3v4 and we were starting to win again. Then, out of nowhere, my team surrenders. So... any particular reason why the winning team would surrender?
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6 years ago#2
If you solo queued and the other two were in a premade with the initial 2 (or their friends got online wanting to play) and you were playing 3 v 4 and the game was looking like it would take quite a bit longer, they might have surrendered at that point to not waste the time. >__>b

I've surrendered after taking down all 3 inhibs and one nexus turret as a joke. We did surrender at that point to (team all jokingly pressed yes) Not a great idea, but sometimes you just gotta laugh at the game and play :D
6 years ago#3
That did cross my mind, but the game in question went far past the 25 minute marker, long after our team members disconnected.

And yeah, it's just a game, but I'll still get miffed over "losing" a game that we should have won. Even the enemy team was asking us why we did it.
Call me Zurr. Not 'Wolf', 'Link', or any other silly thing you think of. Zurr.
6 years ago#4
Then possibly their buddies did just connect. Unless the game was guaranteed, a 3 v 4 situation is likely to turn in favor of the 4 assuming they are able to last long enough to reach level 18.
6 years ago#5
Oh yeah. We'd all reached at leat 14, iirc, and we were starting to win again. I guess it just comes down to them being a premade who all surrender because one of them started it. I wish they'd answered me when I asked, though. >_> I suppose the only thing to do for it is to hope I never run into them again.
Call me Zurr. Not 'Wolf', 'Link', or any other silly thing you think of. Zurr.
6 years ago#6
Yeah maybe your team showed that you guys can dominate and that surrender was like a "'nuff said" move
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