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6 years ago#1
Okay, I've played DotA since it was first conceived. I remember when the game was based off of when the Stealth Assassin got his death ward, and who could gank more with him.

That terrible story aside, I just downloaded this game and just finished the tutorial level, and I have to say this is basically the same thing (In a good way).

I do have to ask a couple of questions:

I understand the Riot Point system (To an extent) in that it's like every other Farmville/Caféworld/Mafia Wars etc, but is there really any other way to get the points other then buying them? I haven't played too much into the game, but I would LOVE to see something similar to +1 Riot Point per win, per kill, per loss, etc. If that is in this, then.... Sorry.

If you buy the retail version of this, do you get any sort of points to begin with? In that case, $20 for the game retail, or free online, I don't get the point. There again, if it does come with some, I'm... Sorry...

Lastly, any rough suggestions? I saw that item combos are "similar" to DotA, even "Ashe the frost archer" is similar to the Traxex (Drow Ranger). I know most of this will just get into playing it and figuring it out, but even picking a character seemed confusing, I didn't "pick" someone, but ended up playing some sort of Lightning Mage toon.

tl;dr I just got this game, I don't agree with paying for Riot Points, Drow Ranger lol.
6 years ago#2
There are IP points which you could use to unlock heroes and runes.

I would insult you if you believed you shouldn't pay for riot points. Everything else is free but the extra goodies like skins or unlocking a hero the lazy way costs you money. This is how riot gets their money and this is how they can expand the game.

You get riot points with the box. Enough to buy a skin or two and some 6300 champions.
6 years ago#3
Haha I'm not mad at the company for making money, I'd just rather buy a game and have everything unlocked already is all.

But you ARE unable to unlock most, if not all things through "IP"?

And if it's just skins for cash, that's fine, I'm not too worried. But are there champions that are exclusively purchased? I noticed that they constantly have free champs released, but I still don't understand that mostly either.
6 years ago#4
Skins cost riot points- that and boosts are the only things that cost money.

You can unlock ALL heroes with IP.

Every week there are new heroes that are free. It's basically a rotation- this week these are free, next week these, this week these- it's basically just to let new players try out all heroes eventually.
6 years ago#5
Like the above poster said, most gameplay features (heroes, runes) can be unlocked with IP. IP is gamed from playing games (winning and losing).

For instance, practice games, against humans or bots is roughly 51 IP For a win, 37 for a loss. You get more for wins/losses in real games instead of practice ones.

What you can't unlock with IP are character skins, to change how your champion looks, and boosts, which basically increase your XP or IP gain after games for a limited period (like 2xIP for 3 days).
6 years ago#6
Awesome, thank you oogarasu.

I just jumped into the game and started playing after I had posted. No better experience then first hand I suppose.

I hit random for my champ, and ended up with Shako? The stealthy Jester duder. One thing that definitely threw me off was the stealth in tall grass. More-so the ability to set up traps/towers/random stuff and they would be invis as well.

Any who, ended up going 11/9/7 for the game, which most of the deaths were at the beginning, most of the kills at the end.
6 years ago#7
Good deal
If you are looking for someone who is also new you can add me, oogarasu. I try to play most nights (EST) but only been playing for just under a week now.
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