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6 years ago#1
*Picks Veigar.*

*Waits until game starts.*

*Notices enemy team is composed of TF, Ashe, Shen, Jax, Sion.*


Whenever I pick Veigar, I wind up having enemy team compositions like that. In short, NO CASTERS TO BLOW MY ULT ON.


So, uh... what can I do when something like that winds up happening? <3
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6 years ago#2
Ult them anyway. 25% of mana's a bonus, it does hideous amounts of damage beforehand, too.


plus something like 75% of the playerbase plays Sion as a mage anyway >.>
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6 years ago#3
Don't play Viegar? He's not exactly the best caster you could be playing unless winning doesn't matter that much to you.
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6 years ago#4
you want a caster? mains morgana->black shield->your ult->no damage lol
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