Kill/death ration on best champion

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User Info: Starpepper

7 years ago#11

Nidalee: 655/379/592 [54 Wins, 46 Losses]
Shaco: 354/143/262 [28 Wins, 14 Losses]
Ezreal: 239/142/294 [23 Wins, 18 Losses]

My total though for wins and losses is 191 and 164... So combined about half my games have been with these three characters. Haven't played any of them recently, though. :/

User Info: eL kuko no2

eL kuko no2
7 years ago#12
Warwick - 57 wins, 19 losses. 661 / 319 / 540
Ashe - 29 wins, 20 losses. 341 / 262 / 473
Veigar - 14 wins, 10 losses. 171 / 81 / 170

Total won: 179
Total lost: 147

I had a 30-something winning streak with Warwick, 49 wins and 11 losses, then I lost four games in one day, that was my worst day in LoL. :-( :-( My guess is that I moved up on le ELO, since I really find it a lot harder to win with him now.
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User Info: Richyd13

7 years ago#13
With Ezreal i'm


with 561-321-724

so by your logic my k/d ratio is 2.88

but not counting assists its 1.75

User Info: Arc_Angel2790

7 years ago#14
yeah i like how people have just been ignoring my handy equation
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