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6 years ago#11

who is the magic / rangedversion of Yi.. kinda squishy.. but very very very high burst and whatnot.

6 years ago#12
um....pretty much every mage is squishy with huge burst. ryze and annie are probably the most common.
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6 years ago#13 is tristana compared to annie and ryze in dps?

6 years ago#14
trist is more sustained dps, annie and ryze are burst.
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6 years ago#15
It depends on what you entirely want, in terms of pure dps, there is not a single hero even close to Twitch's level (trist isn't even close to his damage output) but he suffers in the fact there are almost no champions less durable than him. Somewhat like how Eve would do the most damage (not burst though) over time out of any caster except she is hindered by numerous shortcomings like durability.

For melee DPS, I'd say Jax as after a few hits with his ultimate, his attack speed will basically either match or surpass Yi's ultimate but Jax's ult gives him bonus damage every few hits meaning he'll outdps Yi (as his empower matches Yi's +70 dmg skill). And he has no durability issues like Yi has which means Yi is basically obsolete compared to Jax (which is why nobody plays Yi consistently in high elo).

As for ryze/annie compared to Trist, it is really about burst vs over time damage. Ryze/Annie will easily rack up far more damage in the first few seconds of a fight as their skillset will be unleashed unlike Trist's which is more about hitting the enemy over time. So spells have a huge advantage early game against carries while carries get a advantage in killing towers and doing huge damage late game at a lesser cooldown(their attack speed).
6 years ago#16

ya i dont like jax.. cause hes so blatantly OP. so looking for someone after him..maybe sion?

whos better annie or ryze?

6 years ago#17
Karthus gets no love. When built right, he is a damage machine, and has the best slow in the game IMO. He just takes a little getting used to.
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6 years ago#18
Treason686 | Posted 4/25/2010 8:53:14 PM | message detail
Karthus gets no love. When built right, he is a damage machine, and has the best slow in the game IMO. He just takes a little getting used to.

He's also easy to lock down, and does 1 thing outside damage. Slow

whos better annie or ryze?

Once again debatable, I'd have to give it to Ryze (Just spam his 3 attacks), his combo is less devasting than Annie's combo (Dis + Inc + Tibbers Stun) but you can do it so much more.

Annie does have the AoE Stun though, if you have the group for it, the Tibbers Stun is great. But for solo queue's and whatnot. I'd say Ryze.
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6 years ago#19
No love for Twitch? Ganking, triple-killing, base-wrecking steamroll machine.

Just need to learn to position Spray and Pray right and use cleanse.
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6 years ago#20
Okay, so...

Tryndamere and Yi are pretty underpowered right now. Tryndamere moreso.

The best Melee DPS is Jax. He's kind of high above the other Melee DPS because Melee DPS is kind of bad in LoL.

The best ranged DPS character is probably Corki. Maybe Twitch or Twisted Fate is next.

The best caster hands down Fiddlesticks

I'm talking all around, though.

Twitch can pump out the most sustained DPS out of any champion, but he has other problems.

Tryndamere does amazing damage very late game, but he can very rarely get to that point in the game.

Fiddlesticks just does the most damage out of all the casters and can sweep an entire team, which makes him the best Caster; Casters lack survivability, and Fiddlesticks doesn't need to worry about survival since he can mow down n entire team so easily.
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