Are the servers down right now?

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User Info: lxlHIMlxl

6 years ago#1

Been trying to get on a for a while first it says servers were busy, now it says servers are unavailable. Is everyone else getting this?

User Info: Mindgame_1

6 years ago#2

yep. weird -_-

User Info: roffles_189_63

6 years ago#3
Forums over at the League of Legends website says that the servers are being restarted due to issues with PVP. They said it'd be a two hour process, but it's been well over two hours. T_T

User Info: ravenkliff

6 years ago#4

same. IMO, the game is growing too fast for the developers to handle

User Info: seekere

6 years ago#5

Yeah.. ^^ if thats true.. then theyll expand servers.. as more ppl = more money.

User Info: Treason686

6 years ago#6
Apparently Heroes of Newerth went out of beta and it has to be purchased. I'd wager a lot of those players migrated to LoL to leech, and the servers have extra stress.
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  3. Are the servers down right now?

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