I don't think people understand what "newbies only please" mean.

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6 years ago#1
Everytime I make a room to play with my newbies friends, we always play against people whose already semi-pro or better than us in a lot of aspect.

I ask them why would they join a newbie room if they're that good already? I ask if they understand the meaning of a newbie.

If you have experience with DoTa, you are NOT a newbie. Just because you're trying out a new character does NOT make you a newbie. Is it the easy win? No one is willing to admit that.
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6 years ago#2
My question to you is: why does it matter? Practice games don't count for anything. You gain ip/exp regardless of your win or loss. It doesn't go on your record nor does it affect your ELO. The game can be removed by playing 10 more games so no one will ever know. Besides, you should be playing people better than you. That's how you get better.
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6 years ago#3
Are you saying win or loss it shouldn't matter? Because that's insane. Winning means a lot even if it doesn't go on record. It SHOULD matter because I'm asking to play with people whose on the same skill level as me. I'm not asking for a pro to come on to stomp on me and my friends to make themselves feel better about themselves. I thought the community was suppose to be better than this?
I'm anti-elitist
6 years ago#4
And another reason why it should matter to me, because it matters to other people too.
I'm anti-elitist
6 years ago#5
You shame name of Vegeta. From a crushing defeat you learn the path to victory.

When a man falls down, he picks himself up. Didn't your mother ever teach you that?
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6 years ago#6
unless he's playing goku, then he's destined to job endlessly.
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6 years ago#7
I'm sorry but a huge series of losing(through ignorance) does not make me want to play this game even more.

In sports you don't go against someone better than you and keep on losing to get better. They match you up evenly and they go from there.
I'm anti-elitist
6 years ago#8
The harder you lose, the faster you learn.
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6 years ago#9
Actually playing someone way better than you is the best way to get better at pretty much all sports... Usually they pair you off with some other scrub just so that they can do their own training.

But in games like this, the best way to learn is to give your best and watch your enemy, if they destroy you look at their items, how they position themselves, the skills they use and the order in which they use them. Copy them, learn from your mistakes, and if possible offer to befriend them so that you can learn more in future games.

Then crush them beneath you once they've have shown you all their meaningful skills.
I need to stop losing my passwords..
6 years ago#10
Using a new char IS a lot like being a newbie again, especially if you havent played many others as each champion has different limitations and probable success rates, and in higher lvl pratice games ther is always someone who doesn't abide by the "new chars only" rule
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  3. I don't think people understand what "newbies only please" mean.

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