Who is the best tank in LoL and Why?

#11EarthshakerPosted 5/25/2010 1:24:02 PM
is shen better than Rammus?

Much, much better.

Three best tanks, in my opinion, no particular order:

Shen - "Press W to not die." (Or really, whatever the Feint button is.) High mobility, no "mana"costs, lane sustainability. Can instantly turn the status of ganker into ganked. Also has remarkable damage output

Singed - Largely more squishy than the other two, but highly effective as a tank because he is a credible threat even when NOT specifically built as a tank. You want him dead, you want him dead now, but chase him and YOU'RE dead.

Alistair - Big and fat, looks a whole lot more threatening than he actually is. Takes for-freaking-ever to die, though, and can spam heals while getting beat up (though not nearly as well as he used to be able to.) Only real threat is the AoE knockup -> headbutt, but he's largely useless until they cool down. Maybe if his ultimate didn't have an "ignore me now" visual effect as large as it is...

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Is there any way for a tank to decrease the damage taken by Madred's Bloodrazor? Should he stack armor, magic resistance, or what?

Bloodrazor specifically states it deals magical damage equal to 8% of your max HP. Thus, MR would be the way to go. Force of Nature would probably be best on said tank, unless you're Shen, where Feint takes care of your needs.
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You act as though payback makes you a noble man, is that a fact? Well, you're a Goddamned philistine.
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Alright here we go

Shen is the best tank for reasons already stated

Alistar is the next one. He can displace the enemy or stun them all and sustain a push. He has no threat once his abilities are used but he can gain instant threat if he gets near a turret since he can push that crap down like nobody's business.

Amumu comes next. He can initiate very well and trap the enemy team setting them up for a barrage of damage. He can also take a beating as well and dish out some reasonable damage for a tank. He's mana reliant which is his weakness and is constricted by his cooldowns.

Malphite smashes in at 4th. He can deal high damage for a tank and is incredibly sturdy thanks to his shield. During the team fight phase he isn't as resistant to magic (since he has to stack armor) but his initiation is still godlike. He is overshadowed due to alistar being able to do the same with flash.

Singed is an odd one. He has high threat and can deny entire areas to the enemy. He can't take a beating as much as the other tanks if his ult is not on. With his ult he can deal respectable damage and catch anyone. Problems with Singed though is he's easily telegraphed and he needs to farm in order to be effective- which would mean he's denying someone else farm.

The special tanks

Taric- He's got tools, he's got auras, he can do almost anything but he's hardly a threat. He's the ultimate off tank though. If he stacks aura buffs he will attract the wrath of the enemy team though which is a good thing. He's outdone by the fact that a pure support would be more beneficial.

Gragas- He can deal massive amounts of damage even as a tank and his ultimate is an incredible chasing ability or initiator- it also has a low cooldown. He suffers from the fact that he's not entirely flexible with his builds and be starts to fall behind as the game enters late game. He is a monster early to late mid game.
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Stonewall, are you sure you don't hate Gargas cause he's fat?
#15stonewall_heroPosted 5/25/2010 2:03:12 PM
^ new to boards? I use gragas a lot (third most played)
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Ok Clearly shen is the favorite. How would you build him item wise to be untouchable? Warmonger then Ruin Omen then sunfires? (or throw in a FofNature if its vs several magic dealers)

Or what items would you guys get for max survivability and hp and tankiness?

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Stonewall, are you sure you don't hate Gargas cause he's fat?

LOL, it's one of his favorite champions.

Anyway, I aside from Shen, I would like to list the other champs that come next.

2nd - Alistar. Despite being useless outside of his abilities most of the time, his abilities really screw up people. I've singlehandedly screwed an entire team with Alistar even though our carries weren't the best players around. He doesn't need items to tank. If built with Trinity Force&Last Whisper, he can deal respectable damage for a tank as well as great damage to turrets.

3rd - Gragas. His tanking abilities are amazing. He can also do great damage and keep a champion slowed nearly permanently. His ulti is a great initiator as well as a great disruptor of positioning. Positioning is over 25% of the team fight.

4th - Nasus. I'm a big fan of Nasus. He's 1/3rd carry, 1/3rd support and 1/3rd tank. His ulti is a huge magnet to the enemy team because if Nasus is ignored, he will solo a whole team so long as his Siphoning Strike is farmed up (which is his downside). He's also a great aura female dog (even though he's male). His W and E are great support skills. I've seen Wither ruin so many lives. E farms up so much for Nasus that he can push hard. Nasus can pretty much fulfill any role which is why he's so good.

5th - Singed. Singed is just amazing and very very fun. He's like the tank version of Jax sort of. Weak early game, builds up late game. He has somewhat poor initiation without Flash. However, if ignored like Nasus, he deals great damage. My favorite part about Singed though is the fact he has evil positioning control on a different level than Alistar. Singed prevents anyone from escaping a fight. What I usually do is stand behind the champions of a fight if our team is guaranteed to win. When champions run, I make them run in the same path as my poison trail. They are doomed. They can't run away nor can they continue to fight. It's so vicious.
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#18stonewall_heroPosted 5/25/2010 2:48:38 PM
Jungle Shen build - which you can adapt to your build.

Cloth Armor---> Heart of Gold
Boots---> what you need
Aegis of the Legion
Anti Team Item (what helps against enemy team- usually Banshee)
Randuin's Omen

#19seekere(Topic Creator)Posted 5/25/2010 3:04:05 PM

Would a Warmonger -> Ruin Omen -> Sunfire -> Frozen (if it makes it that far) work?

Or drop warmonger for something else?

#20RaydricLordPosted 5/25/2010 3:38:02 PM

Never get Warmog's. It's one of the worst items in the game. Aegis of the Legion, boots(Tabis or Merc Treads), Randuin's Omen, Frozen Mallet, Sunfire Capes are all you really need to get for Shen.
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