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#11SuperShadow9999Posted 5/29/2010 10:22:31 PM

From: carotbotom | #006
I'd queue dodge you if you gave me that advice ingame, because brazilians speak Portuguese..

This. I don't have anything against the Brazilians, but those I've played with are utter jerks. One called everyone noobs, despite him and his Portuguese speaking friend both going middle and getting pushed back by/feeding a single Yi. and having the worst scores on our team Only time I queue dodged was when I got paired up with that same guy and his friend. I'm sure there's some nicer Brazilians out there, so it's not always fair to judge them all from a bad experience.

Anyways I never queue dodge, takes a while to find a new game, and who knows that Eve might be the best player in the match due to the other side not using wards or something.