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6 years ago#1
My lvl is still kinda low (16) but I'm an experienced DotA player so I do fine.
I mostly solo queue, and am now sitting on a pathetic +7 win/loss ratio, even tho my kill/death ratio for my main champs (Cho, Ezreal) is around 3:1 (the only one that isn't is my Shen who has loads of assists)

I never play as the carry. I just don't like it. I play only tankers or support/mages (my Ezreal playstyle is AP/healer), but doesn't matter how long you tank if your crappy allies can't kill, and you can't heal stupidity.

My question is, when I get to higher elos, will solo queueing get better (since high elo ppl supposedly are better). I've noticed an increase in fun/challange as I hit around 10-14 so I have my hopes up. Or is getting a premade team the only way to get a decent win/loss ratio?

Doesn't help that I introduced several IRL friends to this game (who are new to MOBAs) and they aways ask to AT with em T_T
6 years ago#2
God no. I just played a game where I played Ashe. My team goes 1-10 before the laning phase is over...
my team

Solo queue is terrible.
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6 years ago#3
i seriously don't think it's possible to get a "real" high elo solo. the moment i stop doing premade i went on huge losing streaks against premades until i fall to midish elo. now i'm down to +20-30.
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6 years ago#4
i seriously don't think it's possible to get a "real" high elo solo.

Trust me, you could back before MM got a remake. I used to win solo queue games all the time (and lost only the premades) on my main. Nowadays, I have to premake if I'm going to win otherwise MM puts me with kids with down syndrome against a full 5 man premade.
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6 years ago#5
i feel the higher lvl i get teh worst it becomes, we always go up against premades and just get face stomped.

Just played a game
Annie 0/9/0
TF 3/5/1
Soroka 1/6/0
Me, Kassadin 1/0/0
Nasus 2/5/0

The enemy team is boasting that they are pro and we are noobs and the TF is complaining that im not helping (he teleports into a group of 3 and gets quickly faced rolled) and he expected me to help and kill them all i guess?
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6 years ago#6
really hating those janna, soraka premades. pretty much impossible to win with a random group of kids.
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6 years ago#7
ugh, sounds like I'll have to find some people to premade with me eventualy :3

Thanks for the heads up guys.
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