mmm malzahar...

#1The Frog ManPosted 6/7/2010 8:22:39 AM
Ok, I was a first adopter and been playing him since release.
I mostly get owned while playing him and I find him decent 8not good) only with high AP.
Overall he pretty much sucks imo, is there anything I am missing?
I want to give him a chance since he looks cool and I like his abilities...

Good items and ways to play him?

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#2anilEhilatedPosted 6/7/2010 8:38:41 AM
Go mass AP and as much mana as you need. Your W does ridiculous AoE damage while Q and E can be easily spammed. R is sorta bad, but it has a decent AP ratio and can be used when you've got the enemy outnumbered. Just hang back in every teamfight and spam the hell out of your spells. You should rack up kills fairly fast.

He's not top-tier, but he's fairly fun. Pretty much the only complaint I've got about him is that voidlings are completely useless.
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#3PhoenixNinePosted 6/7/2010 10:05:14 AM
His ultimate is amazing for ganking (provided panic button - er, Cleanse - isn't up).

Besides that just keep track of stun/silence being thrown around and time your ult.
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#4AlmightyHamSandwichPosted 6/7/2010 10:06:13 AM
There's not much you can do to make Malzahar any good. You essentially grab as much AP as possible and hope for the best.

Key items for Malz are Rylai's and Archangel's Staff to offset his horrendous health and mana issues. Rod of Ages, as always, is an option if you take Catalyst early. Supplementary items you can grab are the new Hextech Revolver for a little spell vamp, Fiendish Codex to build into Deathfire's Grasp to counter health-stacking champs, Haunting Guise and Void Staff for magic penetration.
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#5SBelmont33Posted 6/7/2010 11:30:01 AM
I've been playing Malzahar a ton, and I always open RoA/Mejai into Rylai. I get a Guardian Angel if the game keeps going, Frozen Heart, Force of Nature or Zhonya's Ring for last item depending on the other team's comp (AD heavy, AP heavy, or for better nukes if I'm not getting focused). Malzahar is really squishy and needs the HP from RoA and Rylai. I've never really gotten Archangel since my first few games since it doesn't offer much in survivability and all the items I take (other than Boots/Mejai) offer survivability with AP/Mana (except Guardian Angel but a free revive can turn the tide of a battle).
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Oh I also get a DFG/Void Staff for my second-to-last item if they stack health/magic resist respectively.
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