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6 years ago#1
I just got pantheon the other day and having a hard time using him. It's hard to get kills late game since about everybody uses ghost or some kind of escape mechanism.
6 years ago#2
What level are you? Got much runes?
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6 years ago#3
Accidentally pressed "post" button heh.
Was supposed that add that imo best way to play him is pure dps 21/9/0 set, if your not max level then just slap all mastery points to offense.
For summoner spells, cleanse is a must, exhaust, ghost, heal, flash, all work for other slot.

If you got mana regen runes, and generic dmg runes, use them. Mana regen is great early so you don't need meki or chalice.

Start with Sword and health pot, then boots and upgrade sword to brutalizer.

for skills get spear shot at first skill (q).
Then get stun, and start maxing out heartseeker strike. Heartseeker will be your gank ability.
When laning harass with spear a bit, then go for Stun and instant Heartseeker for massive dmg.

For teamfights, just do hit and runs with w,e,q combo, pantheon is very squishy, he cant stay and fight like for example Jax.
"South-Korea is the only nation whose national sport has a sequel."
6 years ago#4
By the time end game rolls around, do not use HSS unless you're going to hit 2+ enemies - otherwise you'll not end up helping much. If you're communicating with your teammates, try to time GSF with your tank's initiate to scatter the enemies - allowing your team to pick off one or two then push. GSF placement is vital to pantheon's ability to kill throughout early-mid game. Late game you're more dps support really. Never initiate; despite his appearances, Pantheon cannot take confrontation.
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6 years ago#5
Used this build for my pantheon except I replaced void with another sunfire and heart of gold with frozen heart lol. Did better and went like 19 kills a some deaths.
6 years ago#6,Katarina%2C+The+Build+That+Will+Make+People+Scream+on+Forums+for+a+Nerf
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