Pantheon Or Warwick?

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6 years ago#1

Which is best and what type of gameplay/strats is best for each? Warwick seems really good but it seems like his jungling would get quite boring after afew games of doing it and ive seen people on games ive played tried to lane w/ him whole game and it pretty much failed epically but idk if that was just warwick or the people playing it. and asfar as pantheon i dont even know his strats that well.

6 years ago#2
Pantheon has more utility, but Warwick is one of the best 1v1 champs in the game.
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6 years ago#3


6 years ago#4

Whats a good strat for Pantheon? Lane/psuh/carry or jungle gank ect? i have no idea.

6 years ago#5
WW is pretty solid till you learn that you can Cleanse through his ult.

Then he loses some of his luster.
6 years ago#6


6 years ago#7
Pantheon has more utility, but Warwick is one of the best 1v1 champs in the game.

Did you just say that the hero who's useless after the laning phase and offers nothing other than bad damage and a 1s single target stun has more utility than the best jungle hero in the game?
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6 years ago#9

Hmm i decided to go with warwick after watching some youtube vids, he seems like a better ganker and thats what im looking for.

6 years ago#10
Warwick has way more utility with his jungling and all. He stands up better late game too since his builds usually revolve around % damage instead of straight damage or skills. The fact that you can cleanse his ult can be remedied by awareness of who has cleanse and when they've used it. Usually not everyone takes cleanse and unless your team is gloriously lacking CC, then your ult won't always be what cleanse is blown on.

WW stands up better against multiple targets as well, imo.

He's definitely one of the best tank slayers I think of if that means anything.

Pantheon just has a global ult and a very strong early game. His passive is alright, but he still lacks survivability.

If we're comparing how avoidable the ults are, you can just run out of Pantheon's unless someone's putting CC on you... WW's at least requires you to blow your cleanse if it's up and if it isn't, then WW's ult is definitely better if you don't take into account the globalness of Pantheon's.
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